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Introducing Sushi Networking - the host, the restaurants, the guests.

Sushi Networking Dinners - for those who love sushi as much as I do. Which is very very much.


But first a little introduction - I'm Marianna Boguslavsky, a digital strategy and marketing specialist with over 10 years of international marketing experience. I’ve lived & worked in Cape Town, Dubai, London, Joburg, Ljubljana, US, & New Zealand. I’m now back in the UAE & relaunching these beloved sushi networking dinners. 


The first ever sushi networking dinner took place at Sevruga in Cape Town (still one of my favorite sushi haunts back home). Their sushi quality is impeccable, the harbour view is dreamy and there is always a great buzz. My favourite menu item would have to be the salmon roses as the salmon is so lush. I’ve held these sushi networking dinners at other (equally impressive) venues around the world - Beluga & Takumi in Cape Town, Salmontini at the Mall of Emirates in Dubai, along with high up in the sky at Iris Dubai and at the fabulous Sumosan Twiga in West London. Jason from Salmontini was by far one of my favorite sushi venue partners - that man knows how to throw a sumptuous sushi feast. With the most incredible view of Ski Dubai - what a magnificent setting for a networking dinner (sushi & snow slope views make for a surprisingly great dinner combo). 


But it’s the guests who make Sushi Networking so special.  These dinners are carefully curated business networking dinner events by moi so I feel comfortable taking credit for the caliber of guests at each of these events. The guests are almost always a delightful group of people - a mix of entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners. We’ve had some interesting professions in the past - from a MD to a chef (who had worked with Gordon Ramsay!) and everyone in between. We’ve had VCs, analysts, business founders, influencers, sommeliers, management consultants, small business owners, CEOs, agency founders, bankers, and others. Which is what makes it so undeniably special - this melting pot of cultures, industries, personalities and roles - all seated at one table, discussing all sorts of topics over delicious sushi, sashimi, sake and wine. 


Does business networking get better than this? I don’t think so. 

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