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Thoughtfully curated business networking dinners.

10 different people from
10 different industries.


My name is Marianna and I’m a sushi addict ...


I launched my own business at the beginning of 2012 and found a lack of networking events where quality people were carefully chosen. I wanted people to mix with others that they might have never met before if it was not for sushi networking. I wanted people to speak about their work and how they needed leads/ideas/connections/inspiration.

I wanted all of this to happen over platters of sushi and sashimi. 

So Sushi Networking was born…first in Cape Town, then in London and now in Dubai & Ras al Khaimah ...connecting people over delicious sushi. 

“The organizer, Marianna, has an incredible gift for putting the right people together AND to keep the group small enough so that everyone has a chance to talk to everyone else’’
sushi networking dinner London

The inaugural London Sushi Networking Dinner held in the heart of West London, at contemporary Japanese restaurant Sumosan Twiga.

The Sushi Networking Experience 

“One of the most interesting networking events I have been to in a long time - sushi, wine and fabulous company! We need more of these and on a regular basis!”


PR Manager, Namshi

“Had a blast, nothing like good company and raw fish!”

Nick Robinson
Radio One DJ


''I’m not one to attend random networking events, but went for ‘Sushi Networking’ at Salmontini since it was organized by Marianna. I have to give her full points for getting a good mix of people, selecting a great venue - amazing food and service. Post the event I’m already working on brand collaborations with some of the brand reps I met there, so was definitely worth attending!''

Tabassum Farooq

PR Manager - Spa Resources International

''Sushi networking dinners are not-to-be-missed events. None of the “same old, same old” boring networking events where salespeople try to sell you things you don’t need. The organizer, Marianna, has an incredible gift for putting the right people together AND to keep the group small enough so that everyone has a chance to talk to everyone else. ''

Elmari Swart

Account Executive, AdDynamo / Twitter South Africa
''Lovely evening spent meeting interesting people from all different industries, drinking delicious wine, & eating great sushi. What fun!''
Tori Tatham
Kiss, Blush and Tell blogger
“There’s something nerve wracking and exciting about a dinner party with strangers. Mind you, all successful and intelligent strangers! I loved it. Meeting people I would definitely see myself spending time with other than eating sushi!" 
Katherine Lewis 

Medical Doctor

''Networking does not get better than this…where else do you get to meet new people while enjoying some of the most delicious sushi that Cape Town has to offer? Through the sushi networking events I’ve made valuable business contacts and made new friends. Marianna is a great organiser and if you ever get the chance to attend one of these events, grab it with both hands!”

Carla van Staden
Owner of Twenty3Media
“Sushi networking was an interesting experience at which I met some really interesting people and surprisingly good friends. An easy opportunity to meet some people who are achieving great things. I recommend it!" 
Umar Bagus

Management Consultant, McKinsey
“This was my first sushi networking dinner… ever, but most definitely won’t be my last. Thank you Marianna for organising such a fun (and delicious) way of meeting people in industry and in Dubai!" 
Sarah Curtis

Director POP Communications

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